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Personalized client care is what sets Achieve Therapy apart. When you work with an Achieve therapist you can expect to receive world class care in a friendly and relaxed environment. Expert level knowledge across all ages provides you with an exceptional therapy experience targeting functional skills that make a difference in in daily life.

Our approach is a functional, multi-modality based approach to daily communication skills that allows clients to see changes each session.

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Achieve Therapy uses a highly functional approach, pulling activities from daily life to target speech, language, cognitive, and swallowing goals. A child's work is play therefore Achieve therapists utilize a play-based therapeutic approach in working with young children which not only makes therapy fun but encourages carryover outside of treatment sessions. For adults, Achieve therapists choose highly functional tasks that are a part of daily activities and responsibilities to facilitate a meaningful therapy session that gets results quickly.

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Personalized client care is what sets Achieve Therapy apart. When you schedule an evaluation with one of our therapists, you can expect to receive individualized assessment and treatments focused on the goals and skills that matter to you and your family.

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